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The Wise Webinar Training Series offers viewers across the US and Canada a chance to obtain live, professional and innovative training that directly applies to the field of supported employment.

Avoiding the Volunteer Trap: Rules and Regulations for Unpaid Work Experiences

Unpaid Work experiences can provide a powerful mechanism for discovering an individual’s strengths, skills and interests.  In order to provide the best experiences, there are regulations surrounding unpaid work and strategies to put into practice to assure that the experience is first and foremost of benefit to the individual with disabilities.

Marketing and Advancing Large Employer Initiatives

May 11th, 2017  |  10am – 12pm  |  Presenter: Cathy Sacco & Susan Harrell

Understanding your business partner’s unique needs is a fundamental key to successful job development. Although similarities exist, how we approach large employers to build multi-hire partnerships often require a different approach and investment than when developing jobs within smaller businesses. So how do you develop the trust and relationships of these large businesses? How do you set up a structure for long-term success? And What can you do to engage your business partners in supporting their new employees as they become part of a corporate team? 

If your team is asking these questions you won’t want to miss our final webinar of our 2016-2017 webinar series on May 11th as we welcome Cathy Sacco and Susan Harrell of Wise to speak about their experiences with building large employer initiatives within companies like TIAA and Microsoft.

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