Aimee Sharp

Program Manager

Aimee is passionate about equality and inclusion, and she believes that employment is the most efficient way for a person to be an active, contributing member of their community. This belief fuels her energy and commitment to the Supported Employment movement. Aimee graduated from the University of Washington in 2008 and has utilized her skills and experience to grow and support a large network of businesses committed to diversifying their workforce by hiring people with disabilities. Aimee firmly believes that Supported Employment is a win-win for everyone and enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with others in the field in many ways, including teaching at Bellevue College and co-instructing the Highline Employment Certification course. Aimee is naturally curious, and she loves learning new things and meeting people. Aimee and her husband Seth enjoy traveling and athletic sporting activities. Most recently, she spends her time exploring the world with her 2-year-old, Penelope.

Phone: 206-334-3010