Employment First – Other States



  • AR Task Force Report: Final Report of Arkansas Employment First Task Force.
  • AR Executive OrderHERE


  • CA Legislation (passed): Text of AB 287, California’s legislation on Employment First, signed into law in October 2009, establishing Employment First Committee, and calling for the establishment of an Employment First Policy – Website 
  • CA Legislation (Proposed)Website


  • Policy on Integrated Employment: Colorado Division for Developmental Disabilities rule 16.626 stating that integrated employment is considered the primary service option for adults Day Habilitation Services and Supports – Website


  • CT Employment First Policy: Employment First Policy issued by Connecticut Department of Developmental Services issue in April 2011 – Website
  • CT Policy Regarding Employment as Priority: Companion to April 2011 Employment First policy regarding implementation steps in individual planning process – Website
  • CT DDS Newsletter: Connecticut Department of Developmental Services self-determination newsletter discussing state’s Employment First efforts – Website


  • Delaware Legislation (passed): Text of House Bill 319, Delaware’s legislation on Employment First, signed into law in July 2012 – Website
  • Delaware Employment First Statement: Statement from Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities Services on Employment First – Website
  • Delaware DDDS Newsletter: Newsletter from Delaware DDDS with further details on Employment First – Website


  • Developmental Disabilities Council Employment First Statement: Statement from Florida DD Council in support of Employment First – Website


  • Employment First Georgia Website – Website
  • GA DD Council Statement: Statement issued in 2010 by Georgia Developmental Disabilities Council calling for an Employment First policy in the state – Website


  • Illinois Employment First Legislation (proposed): HB 2591 Illinois Employment First Act, introduced in 2013 – Website
  • Advocacy information for Illinois Employment First Act: Information from the Family Support Network regarding advocating for the Illinois Employment First Act – Website
  • Illinois Employment First Act Fact Sheet: Fact sheet for legislators on Illinois Employment First Act.
  • Report recommending Employment First for Illinois: January 2011 report of legislatively mandated Employment and Economic Opportunity for Persons with Disabilities Task Force, that includes a recommendation (pp. 7-8), that Illinois become an Employment First state, according to specific principles outlined within the report – Website
  • Report from the Employment First Summit: Report from January 2012 IL Employment First Summit – Website


  • IN Employment First Fact Sheet: Face sheet summarizing 2005 Indiana Employment First Summit – Website


  • Iowa Employment First Initiative Summary Points: One-page summary of rationale for Employment First in Iowa.
  • Iowa Employment First Initiative Summary of Findings: October 2011 report – Website
  • Iowa’s Employment First InitiativeWebsite


  • Kansas Employment First Legislation (passed): Text of Kansas House Bill 2336 that establishes a statewide policy of employment first for all people with disabilities. Bill was signed into law in May 2011 – Website
  • Kansas Employment First Website: Website with information on Employment First efforts in Kansas – Website
  • Kansas Employment First Initiative Work Group Information: Information from the work group that undertook the initial Employment First efforts in Kansas – Website
  • Kansas Report – Employment First Workgroup: May 2009 from Employment First Initiative Work Group – Website
  • Kansas Executive Orders: Executive orders from the Governor of Kansas issued August 2010, related to employment of individuals in the community.
  • Kansas Employment First Oversight CommissionWebsite


  • Employment First Policy: July 2011 Employment First policy statement from the Louisiana Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities – Website


  • Development Disabilities Administration Position Statement on Employment Services: October 2008 statement indicating employment in the community is first service option that should be considered – Website
  • Employment First Overview: Overview of Maryland’s Development Disabilities Adminstration Employment First initiative – Website
  • Employment First in Maryland 3.0HERE


  • Employment First Maine Act: Draft Employment First legislation – Website
  • ME Employment Policy: 2010 Maine Department of Health and Human Services Employment Policy, indicating that all individuals are presumed able and have the opportunity to work – Website


  • MA Employment First Policy: 2010 policy issuance from Massachusetts Department of Developmental Disability Services – Website
  • MA DDS RFQ: Excerpts from 2009 Massachusetts Department of Developmental Disability Services service provider solicitation, highlighting a shift in Massachusetts to an Employment First Policy.


  • Employment Works! Policy: June 2011 Bureau of Community Mental Health Services 
  • Employment Works! Policy placing priority on integrated employment for individuals with serious mental illness and development disabilities, intended to form the basis for a future Employment First policy – Website


  • MN Employment First Summit Reports: Reports from MN Employment First Summits I, II, III, IV, held from 2007-­2011 – Website
  • Minnesota Employment Policy Initiative Website – Website


  • Legislation (proposed): Proposed legislation regarding implementation of an Employment First policy – Website


  • Employment First PolicyHERE


  • Webinar: “Making Employment First a Reality in NM” webinar and text – Website


  • Governor’s Declaration: Governor’s April 2012 press release announcing that New Jersey is an Employment First state – Website


  • NY OPWDD – Statewide Comprehensive Plan – 2010-2014: October 2010 report indicating that “OPWDD is promoting Employment First as a preferred outcome for all people with developmental disabilities” – HERE
  • NY OPWDD 2011 Interim Report on State Plan: February 2011 interim report on 2010-2014 OPWDD Statewide Comprehensive Plan, that includes summary of efforts on Employment First (pp. 6-7) – HERE
  • NY OMRDD 2010 Interim Report on State Plan: February 2010 interim report on 2009-2013 OMRDD Statewide Comprehensive, that includes summary of efforts on Employment First (p. 5) – HERE
  • NY OPWDD – Road to Reform ReportHERE (Download the PDF)


  • NC AFP Position Paper: February 2012 Position paper from the North Carolina Alliance for Full Participation Paper on Employment First – Website
  • NC APSE Article: Article from North Carolina APSE calling for an Employment First.
  • NC Employment First Website: Website


  • ND Legislation (passed): Legislation signed into law in April 2013, establishing a Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, for furthering the goal of employment as the first option for people with disabilities – Website
  • Employment First Summit Report: October 2011 report summarizing the findings and plan of action resulting from the state’s Employment First summit in October 2010 – Website


  • Employment First Form: Form required for completion if an individual does not choose community employment – Website
  • Ohio Employment First Executive Order
  • SELF Waiver Employment First PolicyHERE


  • DDS Employment Policy: Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Services employment policy, stating that the optimal goal of waiver services is full-time employment in the community – Website


  • PA Employment Legislation: State legislation, passed in 1991, that mandates access to community employment – Website
  • PA Employment Policy – ICFs/MR: 2005 policy document from Pennsylvania Department of Public welfare on supporting community employment for individuals living in Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Mental Retardation, indicating community employment as a priority without regard to level of disability – Website
  • PA Employment Policy – General: 2005 policy document from Pennsylvania Office of Mental Retardation on community employment as a priority – HERE
  • PA Employment Policy – 1990: 1990 policy document from Pennsylvania Office of Mental Retardation directing that community employment be considered as a service option before less integrated, more restricted options – Website


  • RI BHDDH Employment First Policy: February 2013 Employment First policy for individuals with development disabilities issued by the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals.
  • RI BHDDH Policy Regarding New Entrants to System: Policy issuance from Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals, regarding compliance of new entrants to system with Employment First policy.
  • 1115 Waiver Group Report: September 2009 paper which contains initial proposal for Rhode Island to be an Employment First state – Website


  • ARC of TN Statement: Statement from ARC of Tennessee in support of Employment First – Website
  • TN Employment First Overview: Publication from the Institute for Community Inclusion providing an overview of Tennessee’s Employment First policy – Website
  • TN DIDD Employment First WebsiteWebsite


  • Legislation (Proposed): Text of Texas House Bill 785, introduced in 2009, requiring that employment services be structured to ensure employment of people with disabilities in integrated settings. Bill has not been acted on. – Website


  • Legislation (Passed): Text of Utah House Bill, that requires that employment be the first priority for individuals with disabilities receiving publicly funded supports. Bill was signed into law in March 2011. – Website


  • DOJ Settlement Agreement Mandating Employment First PolicyHERE
  • VA DBHDS Strategic Plan for Employment FirstHERE
  • VA DBHDS Website – Employment First InitiativeWebsite


  • WI Employment First Materials: Variety of materials on Wisconsin’s Employment First efforts posted on the Wisconsin APSE website, including; a) Employment First Mission and Values Statement; b) Employment First Booklet; c) Moving Employment First Forward in Wisconsin; d) Employment First 2009 Summary; e) Employment First Update 2012 – Website
  • Sign-On Agreement for Wisconsin Employment First Coalition: Agreement for organizations and individuals for signing on in support of Employment First – Website
  • WI Managed Care and Employment Task ForceWebsite